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ABOUT COMPLETE HOME CARE (Multi-Unit Assisted Housing w/ Services)

Multi-unit assisted housing with services are independent living settings in which hands-on personal care services and nursing services, which are arranged by housing management, are provided by a licensed home care or hospice agency, through an individualized written care plan. The housing management has a financial interest/financial affiliation or formal written agreement which makes personal care services accessible and available through at least one licensed home care or hospice agency. The resident has a choice of any provider, and the housing management may not combine charges for housing and personal care services. All residents or their compensatory agents must be capable, through informed consent, of entering into a contract and

must not be in need of 24-hour supervision. Assistance with self-administration of medications may be

provided by appropriately trained staff when delegated by a licensed nurse according to the home care

agency’s established plan of care.


Our MUAHS are located at:

4713 River Creek Run 

Raleigh, NC 27604


5324 Partridge St.

Durham, NC 27704 

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